I have traveled to multiple countries on mission trips and have also lived in Colombia. The new cultures, people, strange sights, smells, and sounds are always an adventure to behold. These are but a few of some of the faces. And with each face comes many a story to be told.

Las ninas in Honduras. Near San Pedro Sula.

Bible School Boys, Guatemala
Dirt and All, Guatemala
Fan Club, Honduras
Lucero Alto, Bogota, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Naco, Honduras
Seguro, Soacha, Bogota, Colombia
The Teacher, Guatemala
Girl at the Well, Bethania, Guatemala
Old School, Honduras
La Princesa, Costa Rica
El Maestro Jorge, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Window of Hope. Orphans, Russia
Señora Virginia
Señora Virginia. On my first trip to Colombia, we traveled through the lush countryside of the interior, through mountains and winding roads. Road maps were not an option as we returned from our destination. We had lost our way. I threw up a prayer for an angel to guide us home. As we drove through this unfamiliar territory, I saw her out in her yard, feeding her chickens. I screeched the car to a halt and we backed up and stopped to ask for direction. This is classic, authentic, Colombia. Beautiful place, beautiful people. I asked if I could take some photos and she obliged happily. We asked her name, and her name was Virginia. Which is where I am from. I had found my angel. She showed us the way home.

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