Marshall Hoyle has been working a lifetime of creative outlets. He started out as an artist at the age of 12, working with mediums from charcoals, pastels, and paints. At the age of 15 he began taking photographs for his high school yearbook and newspaper staff. College life led him to study and work in television for 18 years which included videography, and over 20 years of graphic and motion design and animation. He has been a professional photographer for since 2003 and is currently working with photography, graphic & motion graphic design, videography, and directing.
He has traveled to many countries internationally on missions focused trips, capturing glimpses of the lives of those in need and those whose lives have been touched in the process. He wants to bring awareness of the needy to those who can help. He has also lived in Colombia for several years.
When I shoot something beautiful, it reminds me of Who it’s all about... and what it’s all about. I want the images captured by my pictures to remind others to acknowledge Him as the Creator of beauty and life.
He did the cool stuff... all I can do is capture the images and applaud and when I’m finished, stop and say, “Hey God, You did a great job today.”

About Marsh
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